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Hello! This is a fanclub for the BioWare/EA games set in the Dragon Age universe.

:pointr: May I join?

- Of course! All are free to join so long as you enjoy Dragon Age.
I want to thank everyone for entering the contest.
I am incredibly excited to go through the pieces.
The voting will end on the 23rd. The admins and I will decide on the winners for both categories but also, feel free to choose your favorites in order from 1-3 (Your most favorite would be number 1, second favorite would be # 2, etc..) .
I will definitely take our lovely member's choice in consideration.
Here are the pieces:
Sonofanug! by Sanzo-Sinclaire
Arm wrestling by MikaniaC
Faded Memories by oragamiknight

Meeting Hawke (short fic)Title: Meeting Hawke
Author: Golden-Harpy
Rating: PG
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Characters: M!Inquisitor (Ivan Trevelyan), Fem!Hawke (Crystal Hawke), Varric Tethras, Cassandra Pentaghast, Solas, Malcolm Hawke (son of Crystal and Anders), Anders (mentioned).
Romance Pairing: Fem!Hawke/Anders
Disclaim: Everything from the setting, characters, and etc and game belongs to Bioware. Except for my Inquisitor and Hawke and OC child, Malcolm.
Inquisitor, Ivan Trevelyan, rode on his chestnut steed, Faust, through Fereldan's countryside to investigate a disturbance happening in the Bannorn involving demons and a torn Veil.
Faust trotted in steady strides along the dirt road, as Ivan takes in what it feels like before everything went to the Void. Ivan was a young nobleman, who just wanted to ride his horse in the countryside; and being head of the Trevelyan family.
Ivan was so immersed in his memories and the view of the grassy plains

DA Inquisition: Deep in the RoadsTitle: DA Inquisition: Deep in the Roads
Author: Aldrea Alien
Game: Dragon Age
characters/pairing: fem!quisitor (Din Lavellan), Solas, Blackwall, Sera, Daylen Amell & Zevran
Disclaimer: Dragon Age (Origins and Inquisition) and all its characters are the intellectual property of Bioware/EA.
So this is the Deep Roads.
Din peered over the edge of the bridge. The sight went on and on. They'd come far under the earth already, there must be an end. She kicked a rock into the darkness and listened. Nothing.
She huffed the hair from her eyes. Bloody tomb. Her soul ached for the green of the forest, for the contented groans of the halla and the creaking of aravels in on the move. Sights like this only rammed home how long it'd been since she had last seen her clan.
At least she wasn't going through this endeavour alone. Blackwall marched at the head of their little group, as per her order. A fool she would be to leave a Warden behind on such a mission as this. Solas, as he'd alway

DA Inquisition: A Fateful PathTitle: DA Inquisition: A Fateful Path (one-shot)
Author: Reellifejaneway2 (Joanna Knowles)
Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Characters/Pairing: Lady Inquisitor (Levellan), Cullen, Iron Bull, Varric, Cassandra, FemHawke, Fenris
Disclaimer: Mature Themes. Dragon Age: Inquisition and all its characters are the intellectual property of Bioware/EA. I'm just a fangirl and I can't let go...
My Halla sways gently from side to side, his majestic antlers catching the faint, dappled white light falling through the silver leaves above. I reach out and stroke his grey mane, whispering words of comfort to him. We are passing through the depths of the Brecilian Forest. Home – my true home – lies far from this place, but I am at ease amidst the hopeful beckoning of the earth and the wistful whisper of the trees.
“Inquisitor Levellan?”
A commanding tenor voice breaks into my reverie. I turn to see my advisor, Ser Cullen, riding alongside me. “I sense a strong magic in

**Choose one for art and one for literature**

On the meantime, enjoy the latest Dragon Age Inquisition trailer: The Hero of Thedas :D

Have a lovely day!
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please, let me know if someone's aware of that
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I'm writing a long DAO-related fan-fiction, yesterday I wrote the battle of Ostagar and I realized, while writing it, that there are a lot of things not quite right (if not nonsense)... the tale does not stand up, or maybe, I didn't understand some things (?) I hope so...

So, by instance, how do they know the day and hour the darkspawn horde will attack Ostagar?
This could be explained with the fact that Duncan is in mental contact with the darkspawn, and he sensed their plans, but if so, why did they wait the very last moment to prepare themselves, when the bridge is already under attack?

Second thing: Loghain's strategy is to attack from the flanks once the frontal attack did most of the work, if I got it right... but what's the meaning of all this? Duncan tells Alistair and the warden that they have less than an hour to light the signal, but if he knows the timing, why doesn't he directly tell Loghain to attack after more or less an hour?

And how is it possible that the whole success of the battle is based on a thing like that?
Couldn't Loghain simply keep in view and attack on the flanks immediately after the frontal attack?

help O.o

my heart and brain are in great conflict, my heart adores DAO but my brain is laughing _
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